The Colors So Bright

Transformation is never easy, whether it be physical or spiritual, mundane or exotic, opaque or clear, the process is often overwhelming.   The fading of consensus reality is often the result of spiritual evolution, and ultimately the Ascension process  causes the drastic realization that physical reality is an illusion.

The more rules and regulations a society has, the further it has drifted from universal truth.  Universal truth is easy, freedom in the form of control is never freedom,  but the illusion of something that has been long forgotten.  To blindly put off until tomorrow what can be achieved today, only insures that you will be in the same situation tomorrow, and future generations  are the generations who looked to tomorrow to solve their issues.

Eventually the spiritual component of even the most mundane activities are visible, and with the realization, comes the potential for true freedom.    Last night, after I returned home from an evening of playing poker and spending time with friends, I had a quick snack and retired to bed.  I hadn’t been focusing on anything particularly spiritual all day, but what occurred was anything but mundane. At one point during the early morning my third eye activated, and I saw the most beautiful display of colors and shapes. After a few moments I observed what appeared to be a location in space.  There was what appeared to be a very bright star, that was surrounded  by various gases.

The profound brightness of this star, and the vivid colors of the surrounding gases made it amazing site to see.  It seemed to be a place of great importance; however, I’m not exactly sure why, but the impact it had one me was one of great peace.  It was an experience that I will surly appreciate for a long time.

The Body Will Transform

There are always ongoing discrete energetic processes moving throughout the body, and most of them remain a mystery to our western society.  One thing I have recently become aware of, is the amount of heat that is generated when other states of consciousness are entered.  A number of years ago, I had gotten the flu and while I was laying in bed resting I began to focus on a healing process.  As a result, my body began to heat up very quickly, and the experience left me with surreal feelings.  It was as if my body was going to burst into flames if I continued the process.  This of course made me nervous, so I halted my efforts after a few moments.

Shortly afterward I made my way into the bathroom, and as I cleaned myself up I ended up passing out and falling into the shower stall.  To make a long story short, I ended up spending the night in the ER as the result of my fall.  My brief experience with being able to energetically accelerate the vibrations of my physical body, was quickly overshadowed by unpleasant ER experience, and as I result I hadn’t though much about it until a few days ago.  Once again I was laying in bed resting, and as I focused my mind the amount of heat that emanated from my body increased drastically.

In addition, I began to notice that my breathing began to naturally pick up, and as it did I could see all sorts of images via the third eye.  Eventually I throttled the experience back down, resting comfortably as I drifted off to sleep.  As I slept all my dream experiences were much more vivid, and in a couple of instances I noticed that the reality I was in was a very real place.  A couple days later I mentioned the experience to a friend, who confessed that they been generating a lot of heat for a long time when they slept.  I found it fascinating that two like people who have had spiritual experiences were experiencing the same heating effect.

After some more reflection, it came to me it was a real effect of the ascension process.  In documented cases of ascension, most of which come from the east, the body physically transforms in a brilliant display colors and great deal of heat is generated.  Now, there are different levels of ascension, and some are more profound than others.  However, all are a great achievement, and I can only conclude that there must be millions of people on the planet who are experiencing the same symptoms as we move towards a splitting of the planet and ascension.  Everything is adding up to something big, and it is much closer than we realize.  So if you are experiencing these types of ascension symptoms , or any others please feel free to share them :).


Expression Is Always Key

It was another early morning in the spring of 2010, when I found myself quickly transported from my bedroom.  Now don’t get me wrong, my physical body was quietly tucked under the covers resting comfortably.  I on the other hand, found myself standing in front of vast sea, in a location that was familiar, but I had trouble remembering fully.  The water sparkled with a quality I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The best description that comes to mind  is “alive”, the water was alive and it knew I was standing there. In addition, every color was beyond vibrant, and the feeling  of peace was undeniable. In fact there was no indication of anything that would cause unnecessary disharmony, and for the first time in awhile my mind was not affected by the emotions of others.

As I looked off toward the horizon I saw it, a large structure hovering above the water that reminded me of a castle.  The amazing thing about this “castle”,  was it wasn’t fully solid, and it almost appeared comprised of energy.  Almost immediately another voice echoed in my head.  A woman’s voice called to me from the structure, and before I could even think of a way to get inside, I was standing inside a beautiful room filled with people going about their business.  Every person I encountered seemed happy to see me, and I was in awe of the beauty as well as complexity of the building.

At one point, I found myself on a platform overlooking a vast garden; I remember looking at the plants and wanting one to bring one back with me.  I was doing my best to pay attention to as much as possible, that way I would remember as much as possible of what had happened.   At one point I noticed that the food everyone was eating was different, it wasn’t solid and seemed to glow and emit light.  One boy noticed I was watching him eat, and gave me a friendly smile.  Shortly afterward I was taken back to my room, when I heard that it was my room I almost didn’t believe it.  When I arrived I found a decently sized room with what I would consider very modern features.   To make thinks more exciting, I found out I had roommates and we all shared the area, and studied together.

There were three or four of us sharing the room, and we all had very futuristic looking clothing that seemed to emit light also.  We sat on our beds talking about what we were working on, laughing in the process at some of the things we had learned.  After what appeared to be a good amount of time, someone came to pick me up and bring me to see one of my teachers.  I have to admit I was a little nervous, but it quickly passed as we made our way to a large central room.  The room was massive, and looked to be at the center of the lower levels of the building I was in.  When I entered the room, a woman with bright blue eyes and blond hair greeted me.  “Welcome back”, she said before shooting me a warm smile.

Her presence was so overwhelming, that I started to bow out of respect.  She immediately laughed, and assured me that it wasn’t necessary.   Once I got be bearings back, she asked me how things were going on Earth.  I must of gave her an earful of what was going on, as well as how I felt about being there.  The funny thing was, I had the distinct felling that she knew exactly what I was going to say, but she wanted me to communicate it to her.  Much later on, I would realize she was the one who visited me during the early mornings, and we’ve known each other a long time.  By the time our conversation ended  I had expressed how I felt  adequately, and I knew it was time for me return to Earth.  She gave me some final words of encouragement and another smile before I returned to my room.

When I returned back to my room, my roommates wanted to know everything that we talked about.  After spending some time talking amongst good friends, I said my temporary goodbyes and left to return to 3D Earth.  The experience left me refreshed, and I with the understanding that I would be returning to that wonderful place sooner than I realized.  Earth itself was going to be entering a phase of it’s development that would make the trip much more easier.  Accession is happening, and it cannot be stopped :).



A Changing Tide

As I sit here on a Monday evening, searching for words to describe states of consciousness that words do no justice, I find myself speechless.  Looking back on the past ten years of my life, I can only assume that everything that has occurred has led me to where I am currently.  My awakening wasn’t easy, nor was I fully prepared for the extent my world would change, but what comes next can only be described as a changing tide.  She talked about Earth changes, the women who visited me early one morning.  In a clam tone, she spoke like she knew me so well, and what she said next to me changed everything.  “It is important to remember who you are, you are not from here” she said.

From that moment on I knew everything  was going to be different, and sure enough it was.  I had recently started blogging for the first time, but it didn’t last long because I was too easily distracted.  In fact, there have been a number of times I’ve worked on writing projects, but ultimately I put them aside while I focused on other projects.  It wasn’t until this evening, while I was grocery shopping did a familiar presence catch my attention.  Once again I got the impression that it was time to be writing, but this time I would need to bring together everything I have wrote previously and expand on it.

The thought that enters my mind most, is one regarding the content of such writing; however, the response that I get back is nothing short of “Write Everything…”  That being the case, as we embrace the changing tide of the planet together, I will share as much as possible.  Dreams, experiences, impressions… everything.  I won’t lie, trying to write about altered states of consciousness is like trying to capture the mysteries of a universe with an  Etch A Sketch.  However if even a hint of it is beneficial, then it has served a purpose and will have been worth the effort.  With that being said, be sure to check back often for more  updates.