A Changing Tide

As I sit here on a Monday evening, searching for words to describe states of consciousness that words do no justice, I find myself speechless.  Looking back on the past ten years of my life, I can only assume that everything that has occurred has led me to where I am currently.  My awakening wasn’t easy, nor was I fully prepared for the extent my world would change, but what comes next can only be described as a changing tide.  She talked about Earth changes, the women who visited me early one morning.  In a clam tone, she spoke like she knew me so well, and what she said next to me changed everything.  “It is important to remember who you are, you are not from here” she said.

From that moment on I knew everything  was going to be different, and sure enough it was.  I had recently started blogging for the first time, but it didn’t last long because I was too easily distracted.  In fact, there have been a number of times I’ve worked on writing projects, but ultimately I put them aside while I focused on other projects.  It wasn’t until this evening, while I was grocery shopping did a familiar presence catch my attention.  Once again I got the impression that it was time to be writing, but this time I would need to bring together everything I have wrote previously and expand on it.

The thought that enters my mind most, is one regarding the content of such writing; however, the response that I get back is nothing short of “Write Everything…”  That being the case, as we embrace the changing tide of the planet together, I will share as much as possible.  Dreams, experiences, impressions… everything.  I won’t lie, trying to write about altered states of consciousness is like trying to capture the mysteries of a universe with an  Etch A Sketch.  However if even a hint of it is beneficial, then it has served a purpose and will have been worth the effort.  With that being said, be sure to check back often for more  updates.


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