The Body Will Transform

There are always ongoing discrete energetic processes moving throughout the body, and most of them remain a mystery to our western society.  One thing I have recently become aware of, is the amount of heat that is generated when other states of consciousness are entered.  A number of years ago, I had gotten the flu and while I was laying in bed resting I began to focus on a healing process.  As a result, my body began to heat up very quickly, and the experience left me with surreal feelings.  It was as if my body was going to burst into flames if I continued the process.  This of course made me nervous, so I halted my efforts after a few moments.

Shortly afterward I made my way into the bathroom, and as I cleaned myself up I ended up passing out and falling into the shower stall.  To make a long story short, I ended up spending the night in the ER as the result of my fall.  My brief experience with being able to energetically accelerate the vibrations of my physical body, was quickly overshadowed by unpleasant ER experience, and as I result I hadn’t though much about it until a few days ago.  Once again I was laying in bed resting, and as I focused my mind the amount of heat that emanated from my body increased drastically.

In addition, I began to notice that my breathing began to naturally pick up, and as it did I could see all sorts of images via the third eye.  Eventually I throttled the experience back down, resting comfortably as I drifted off to sleep.  As I slept all my dream experiences were much more vivid, and in a couple of instances I noticed that the reality I was in was a very real place.  A couple days later I mentioned the experience to a friend, who confessed that they been generating a lot of heat for a long time when they slept.  I found it fascinating that two like people who have had spiritual experiences were experiencing the same heating effect.

After some more reflection, it came to me it was a real effect of the ascension process.  In documented cases of ascension, most of which come from the east, the body physically transforms in a brilliant display colors and great deal of heat is generated.  Now, there are different levels of ascension, and some are more profound than others.  However, all are a great achievement, and I can only conclude that there must be millions of people on the planet who are experiencing the same symptoms as we move towards a splitting of the planet and ascension.  Everything is adding up to something big, and it is much closer than we realize.  So if you are experiencing these types of ascension symptoms , or any others please feel free to share them :).


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