The Colors So Bright

Transformation is never easy, whether it be physical or spiritual, mundane or exotic, opaque or clear, the process is often overwhelming.   The fading of consensus reality is often the result of spiritual evolution, and ultimately the Ascension process  causes the drastic realization that physical reality is an illusion.

The more rules and regulations a society has, the further it has drifted from universal truth.  Universal truth is easy, freedom in the form of control is never freedom,  but the illusion of something that has been long forgotten.  To blindly put off until tomorrow what can be achieved today, only insures that you will be in the same situation tomorrow, and future generations  are the generations who looked to tomorrow to solve their issues.

Eventually the spiritual component of even the most mundane activities are visible, and with the realization, comes the potential for true freedom.    Last night, after I returned home from an evening of playing poker and spending time with friends, I had a quick snack and retired to bed.  I hadn’t been focusing on anything particularly spiritual all day, but what occurred was anything but mundane. At one point during the early morning my third eye activated, and I saw the most beautiful display of colors and shapes. After a few moments I observed what appeared to be a location in space.  There was what appeared to be a very bright star, that was surrounded  by various gases.

The profound brightness of this star, and the vivid colors of the surrounding gases made it amazing site to see.  It seemed to be a place of great importance; however, I’m not exactly sure why, but the impact it had one me was one of great peace.  It was an experience that I will surly appreciate for a long time.

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