A New Humanity

Edgar Cayce once said, “As we approach the golden age the veils shall be removed and the people of earth shall become aware of the people of the universe.”   I can’t help but think of this more and more as we make our way through our great journey.  Despite the countless distractions that await us everyday when we get up, more and more people are becoming aware of their own history.  I believe we are seeing the beginning of a mass awakening event that has been in the works for some time.  Humanity continues to grow and approach new levels of consciousness despite a  relentless campaign that has attempted to push the same old agenda.

The use of fear based tactics in the media, has been a common theme for a long time but we have seen a drastic increase since the end of 2012.  Gotcha tactics and anything that can be used to stir unrest in the population, and make use more divided has been used.  Despite all of this here we stand, humanity will not give into such childless mind tactics.  You may be inclined to say “What are you talking about, have you seen it out there it’s brutal.”  In which I would reply  “Have you, or are you taking the word of the  television?”  We are at a crossroads and many are watching in anticipation to see what happens.  Will humanity break the chains that have held them for thousands of years or will they repeat the same cycle and play the game again someplace else?  These are the questions that those who watch us ask each other, and like any audience there are mixed views.

The worlds we will see are beyond anything we currently observe have here on earth, we have never been alone and the worlds that exist are literally in our back yard.   This has been kept from you us for a very long time.  Yet there have always been  people who have known this secrete.  They were  supposed to share this knowledge but like so many times before they decided to keep it for themselves.

Although humanity has been dominated by a cold rigid mindset for ages, a mindset that dictates that progress is made by how much stuff you can accumulate.  A mindset that says  people are not equal to one another, and someone will always be better then another  A mindset that tells you to live in fear, and be happy with the way things are because they could be worse.  A mind set that values status and money over compassion and kindness.  A mindset that says it’s a dog eat dog world, and there is nothing you can do to escape it.  I can go on for much longer but I think I’ve made my point.

Even though humanity has endured all this we have  still have made it here, and despite being told otherwise our collective growth continues to reach new heights at an exponential rate.  This process that has been talked about for eons,cannot be stopped, and we have already won this cosmic battle.  So when I see negativity being broadcast all over the news outlets I simply remind myself  of their piss poor ratings, and when I awake from my slumber in the mornings I say to myself sometimes, “Still here, the world didn’t end”.    Fear is a dense emotion and holds us down, but when you overcome fear the walls that have suppressed our very being will begin to crumble and there will be light shining  through.

I have all the hope in the world….. no I don’t need to hope, I know we will complete this journey and will not need to repeat it again.  The stage has been set and  all the pieces are once again in play, only this time humanity will say checkmate and then forgive.

On a personal note, it has always been an honor to be human at this point in time, or as some of the others would say “this time space”.   I look forward to seeing all the things we will accomplish  in the coming years….

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