Evolving ET Contacts


While many would view the subject of exterterristrial contact taboo, I learned at a young age how real it really was.  One of my earliest memories of contact, occurred when I was much younger, and it left a lasting impression. One quiet night when I was making my way into middle school, I was fearful of going to bed because I felt as if I was being watched.  Eventually I did fall asleep, and awoke the next day feeling that I had not slept at all during the night.  Later, I would recall awaking in the middle of the night, and observing a large disk that was present over my house.  I was memorized by the sight, and was taken by the fact that I was standing in my night shirt in my driveway looking up towards it as it closer and pulled me toward it.

Obviously I initially dismissed the odd experience as being a dream, but as time progressed I found myself having more experiences that evolved into a conscious communication  with a variety of different beings.  To date, the most profound of which occurred between 2010 – 2014.  In one such event, I awoke in early morning to a female voice echoing in my head.  “It is important for you to remember who you are, you are not not from here.” she stated.  In another instance, I awoke one morning I and found myself in some sort of hospital, but one that looked very different.  Naturally,  I thought I was dreaming, and spent several moments trying to wake myself up.  When this proved to fruitless, I walked out of the room I was in to a human looking individual sitting at a desk outside my the room.

He smiled at me when I approached the desk, and when I asked where I was he said I had been on Earth but they brought me there because Earth was having effecting my energy.  He went on to say it often happened when someone wasn’t used to the planet.  I didn’t stay long, and although I felt solid in the the location the travel back involved going through some sort of energetic tunnel.  Reflecting back on the experience, I often wonder if they had moved be into a temporary physical body so they could look at me, and then sent me back to my own when they were done. It is also possible, that I was in an out of body state the whole time I was there.

In other cases, I would have beings comes into my room instead and then I would just blackout, and when I would awake the next morning I would only remember small pieces of what happened.  Some of the experiences were not pleasant , and later I learned there was more than one group paying me a visit every now and again.  At times I recalled genetic samples being taken from me, and have a least one vivid memory of  being in a underground facility being guided down a long hallway by beings that were able to cloak there appearance.  During instances like this one, I often felt like I had been put in a semi trance, but was aware enough to interact and following instructions.

At least during one episode I was able to break out the trance like state, and found myself walking around some sort of craft.  There were other’s there too, and I could tell they were almost hypnotized.  I also heard people talking about traveling to different locations, and my interest was peaked when they started talking about dropping people off in different time periods, the year 2080 was clearly stated.   As I walked about, my attention was drawn to a large plasmic ball of energy rotating in one of the rooms of the craft, as I approached it I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and immediately blacked out.   After later reflection, I realized that who ever had stopped me had only a few fingers, their grip is something I recall still.

Telepathic communication during dreams is also common practice, and on more than one occasion I have experienced profound messages during a typical dream.  Many of which have to do with the coming accession, a massive transformation  of society.  There are always suggestions that are communicated as well, and I’ve even taken advice from some of the beings that have chosen to communicate with me.  I even left a decent job because of multiple suggestions, and have slowly been moving towards a lifestyle that will be more productive to accession.  While some may think this is crazy to do, I view it as me just being sent a reminder of what I agreed to do.  I have never been told I had to do anything, and the decisions are always left up to me on what I want to do.

Recently, I have gotten the impression that the contacts are going to pick up in frequency as we move along our journey in the coming years.  Communication and expression have been things I have been working on for some time, and believe they make it much easier to keep an  open mind and  communicate with other beings.  Only the illusion of time will tell how we progress, but I believe what awaits us is a much more expanded view of what is possible and a much larger neighborhood.

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